Wide View Hida(Kiha 85-Series)

Wide-angle views of gorgeous seasonal scenery

Main route

Osaka/Nagoya Station – Takayama/Hida Station – Furukawa/Toyama Station

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The Story Behind The Train

Designed for maximum viewing pleasure

As its name implies, the Kiha 85-Series diesel car known as Wide View Hida was designed to allow passengers to fully enjoy the scenic beauty over the course of their journey along the Takayama Main Line. All seats inside the train have been elevated to give passengers a wide-angle view of the passing scenery. There are also front-end and back-end panoramic views in the first and last cars.

Stunning nature

The Wide View Hida departs from Nagoya Station along the Tokaido Main Line, before passing through Gifu Station and transitioning onto the scenic Takayama Main Line connecting Gifu and Toyama. From here, passengers will be treated to stunning views beginning with the Kiso River, which is also known as the Rhine of Japan, and the surrounding valley. Next, past Mino-Ota Station, is the emerald-green Hida River. The train then travels through Nakayama Shichiri Valley and passes by Gero onsen, one of the premier hot spring villages in Japan, before reaching Takayama, otherwise known as the Little Kyoto of Hida. From here, the Wide View Hida continues on alongside the Miya River and Jinzu River, before finally arriving at Toyama Station.