This website is administered by Kotsu Shimbunsha.
Kotsu Shimbunsha is a publisher that specializes in transportation industry information, and publishes JR Jikokuhyo (JR TIME TABLES), which covers the railway timetables throughout Japan, and the Japanese transportation specialty newspaper Kotsu Shimbun. In addition, it also offers magazines, books, and websites that are useful for travel and sightseeing.


As a “general information service company” for Japan’s transportation and sightseeing, Kotsu Shimbunsha quickly offers accurate, beneficial information and contributes to the development of society.

Product introduction

Kotsu Shimbunsha publishes the Kotsu Shimbun, various types of timetables including JR Jikokuhyo, the magazines Tabi No Techo(Travel Notebook) and Sampo No Tatsujin (Stroll Master), publications for children, and more.

Company Detail

Company name
Transportation News Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Address
101-0062 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kanda surugadai 2-3-11 Hulic Ochanomizu Building
Date Established
February 28, 1958
Capital Stock
Yoshimichi Ito
Business contents
  1. Publishes the Kotsu Shimbun
  2. Publishes and sells timetables, books, magazines, and more
  3. Entrusted with contracts for planning, editing, and issuing publications
  4. Advertisement business
  5. App development and website administration
  6. In addition, all other work associated with the above
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