Japan has a lot to offer. You can enjoy the country's unique Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, traditional sights and scenery, and landscapes only visible in one season with cherry blossoms, wisteria, or fall leaves. Nightscapes, charming Japanese gardens, traditional Japanese arts, and impressive experiences of Japanese cuisine and local gourmet food await you. So, get on a train, and head off to some of the many famous places in Japan!

Culture & History

Japan has impressive historic sites and beautiful townscapes in every region, including Shirakawa-go and the cultural properties in the ancient capital of Kyoto, historical heritage that is also registered as World Heritage.

Farm Tomita

Nature & Amazing Views

Japan is a country of four beautiful seasons, with cherry blossoms in the spring, sunflowers in the summer, bright red leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter. Visit in a different season and experience new excitements and passions.


You can enjoy many different experiences, ranging from Japan’s quintessential culture such as kimono and ceramics to Japan’s natural world with seasonal outdoor activities and sports in the summer and winter.

Kawayu Onsen


Get into the spirit by joining in events held across the country, including summer and winter festivals, and firework displays!


Food & Shopping

Make some wonderful memories and have your fill of Japan’s unique gourmet food and shopping – there’s Japanese cuisine, ekiben lunch boxes, meals made with fresh ingredients, souvenir stores in hot spring areas, and more!

Tamatsukuri Onsen

Hot Springs

For many people, hot springs come to mind when they think of Japan. Spend a little time being soothed in the many types of hot spring and rich water sources in different places around the country.

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