Privacy Policy

Below explains how we use information provided by customers through

Definition of personal information

Please read this terms of use in advance if you use the website offered by our Company (hereinafter referred to as “this Site”) as well as related contents, functions and applications (hereinafter referred collectively as “this Service” including this Site).

– “Personal information” refers to information about a living individual gained through this Service, which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth or other descriptions contained in such information (including information that can be easily compared with other information and thereby identify the specific individual).

Information this Service collects

Information automatically collected in visiting and viewing this Service, etc.:

When a user visits and views this Service, certain information may be automatically collected including what is listed below.

– User’s computer’s Internet protocol (IP) address

– User’s browser type and basic software (OS)

– Web pages the user visited right before and after visiting this Service

– Searches performed on this Service

– Web pages and advertisements viewed and links clicked on this Service

– Information on the user’s computer’s information processing speed and on the software programs installed

– Click-through rate and statistical data on the user’s video viewing

– Standard server log information

– HTML cookies, web beacons and other information collected through similar technologies

– The user’s geolocation information identified through the IP address and the GPS on mobile devices, etc.

Information our Company collects from other information sources:

Our Company may access information on users from third party information sources and platforms (such as social media, databases, online marketing companies and targeted advertising companies) including the cases below.

– The user’s username and list of connections of such services if the user accesses third party social networking services (such as Facebook, Connect and Twitter) through this Service

– Statistical data such as age group, gender and areas of interest

– Interaction and viewing data on advertisements such as the click-through rate and information on the number of times the user views specific advertisements

– Unique identifiers including ID numbers that can identify physical location of mobile devices based on applicable laws

If the user goes to a different website from this Service, our Company may share with the said website registration information of other website’s users.

Please note that this Service may combine information our Company collected with information gained from third party information sources.

Purposes of use of personal information

Our Company will use the users’ personal information for the purposes below.

– To provide, maintain, protect and improve this Service, develop new services and protect users

– To provide contents (including advertisements) that are customized in accordance with the user by our Company and third parties that collaborate with our Company


Cookies and web beacons may be used to provide better services to users of this Service. Cookie and web beacons do not invade the user’s privacy or operating environment and do not in any case disclose information in a way that individually identifies the users that access this Service.


A cookie is a system in which a website provider temporarily records data on users’ computers through web browsers. Cookies can record information on the user, the time and date of the last visit to the site, and the number of visits. They are used in identification of the site’s users, the user recognition system and services to customize services in accordance with the user through the WWW.


This Privacy Policy is only applied when a user uses this Service. Third party sites and services linked from this Service have different privacy policies from our Company. Our Company will take no responsibility for issues regarding personal information that arise on the links or content of the links. If you register personal information on the link, we recommend using the site after carefully checking the site’s terms of use and privacy policy.

Changes and application of the Privacy Policy

Our Company will not only abide by the Japanese laws, regulations and other rules applicable in relation to personal information owned by our Company but will also regularly review the content of this Policy and work to improve it.

If our Company, in operating this Service, changes the Privacy Policy including changes of personal information collected and purposes of use, the changes will be disclosed and applied upon update of this page.