(c)Takasakiyama Natural Zoo

Takasakiyama Natural Zoo

Observe wild Japanese macaque monkeys from up close!

Closest station
  • JR Beppu Station
  • JR Oita Station
  • From JR Beppu Station, take the Oita Kotsu Bus bound for Oita Station for around 10 minutes, get off at the Takasakiyama bus stop, and then walk for around 5 minutes.
  • From JR Oita Station, take the Oita Kotsu Bus bound for Sekinoe for around 20 minutes, off at the Takasakiyama bus stop, and then walk for around 5 minutes.

3098-1 Kanzaki, Oita City, Oita Prefecture

Opening hours

9:00 – 17:00 (last entry at 16:30)


Open year round

  • Adults: 520 yen
  • Elementary and junior high school students: 260 yen

Great Stuff to See and Do!

Pay attention to the movements and personalities of these wild monkeys

photo:(c)Takasakiyama Natural Zoo

Mt. Takasakiyama is located at the western edge of Oita City, with an elevation of 628m, and Takasakiyama Natural Zoo is located at the foot of this mountain, known as the habitat of Japanese macaque monkeys. The zoo opened in 1953 when the mayor of Oita at the time tried to turn the monkeys, which were causing damage to the surrounding farms, into a tourist attraction.

Wild Japanese macaque monkeys are fed here, but there are no cages, so visitors can observe the monkeys in their natural state. The monkeys are fed wheat twice an hour and potatoes once a day, and during these feeding times a lot of monkeys gather at the monkey gathering point. From large males to cute babies, they are close enough that you can clearly see their expressions and subtle behaviors. The staff also explain the ecology and habitats of Japanese macaque monkeys, making it a fun learning experience.

Don't miss the monorail and museum!

photo:(c)Takasakiyama Natural Zoo

The zoo also operates a cute monorail called the Sarukko Rail, which lets visitors enjoy views of seasonal flowers and Beppu Bay as they travel from the zoo entrance to the monkey gathering point. At the Monkey Museum you can also learn about the monkeys before going and visiting them, and the Reference Room provides a wealth of information on the ecology of Japanese macaque monkeys and on the history of Takasakiyama Natural Zoo. Souvenirs and gifts are also available to purchase, and you can enjoy a meal and some sweets at the Monkey Tea House.