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Tojinbo Cliffs

Witness the overwhelming scenic beauty of rough waves crashing against precipitous coastal cliffs!

Closest station

Mikuni station, Echizen Railway


Around 15 minutes by Keifuku bus from Mikuni station, Echizen Railway; get off at “Tojinbo,” the last stop.
Around 45 minutes by Keifuku bus from JR Awaraonsen station; get off at “Tojinbo,” the last stop.


Tojinbo, Mikuni-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

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Oddly shaped rocks created by nature's providence

photo:(c)Fukui Prefecture & Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

Tojinbo, located in northern Fukui Prefecture, is a roughly 1 km long stretch of rugged rock cliffs along the coastline facing the Sea of Japan. The scenery created by these oddly shaped rocks and the Sea of Japan is extremely beautiful, and is known as one of Fukui’s iconic scenic spots.

The distinctive appearance of the rock formations is the result of columnar joints and cracks formed when lava cools and hardens and then gets eroded by the rough waves of the Sea of Japan cutting through them. Columnar joints on such a large scale are rare in the world, and so the site has been designated as a national natural monument due to its geological value.

Tojinbo is often featured as a location in movies and TV dramas, where it serves as a setting for climactic moments. It is also known for its beautiful sunsets over the Sea of Japan, and has been selected as one of the “100 Most Beautiful Sunsets in Japan.”

Looking up from the sea or down from the tower

photo:(c)Fukui Prefecture & Fukui Prefectural Tourism Federation

Tojinbo has a promenade that allows visitors to walk right up to the very edge of the cliffs. At their highest point, the vertical cliffs are about 25 meters high, and some people find themselves rooted in place with surprise at how steep it is. There are also other attractions, such as places called Senjojiki, where you can go down to the shore and enjoy uniquely shaped rock formations such as Candle Rock and Lion Rock. These points of interest can be viewed from the sea by taking a sightseeing boat, or you can discover something new by looking down from Tojinbo Tower, which overlooks the Noto Peninsula.

There are also nearby restaurants and souvenir stores, where you can savor local seafood and enjoy shopping.