Hanayome Noren Museum (Bridal Curtain Museum)

Hanayome Noren Museum (Bridal Curtain Museum)

Protecting the traditional beauty of a wedding culture passed down over more than 100 years

Closest station

JR Nanao Line Nanao Station


Around 8 minutes’ walk from JR Nanao Line Nanao Station


Tsu-bu 49, Madashimachi, Nanao City, Ishikawa,

Opening Hours

9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:30)


New Year’s holiday (29 Dec.-3 Jan.)
periods of display replacement


High school student and adult : 550 yen
Elementary & junior high school student : 250 yen
Child free
Group (20 people or more) : 450 yen

Great Stuff to See and Do!

Carefully cherishing the emotions invested in a wedding

Hanayome Noren Museum (Bridal Curtain Museum)The hanayome noren, or “bridal curtain,” is a bridal custom that began in Noto, Kaga, and Etchu in Kaga han (a feudal domain located roughly in modern-day Ishikawa Prefecture), and has been passed down since the mid-19th century. When a couple marry, a noren curtain sent with wishes for the bride’s happiness is hung in the entrance of the Buddhist altar room at the groom’s house, and the bride walks through it.
The Hanayome Noren Museum displays these bridal curtains, which are only used during weddings, so that they can be seen all the time. Around 10 types of bridal curtain, from the Meiji era to the Heisei era (19th century to the present-day), are displayed in the permanent exhibition room.

Experience walking through a bridal curtain in a kimono

Hanayome Noren Museum (Bridal Curtain Museum)Many bridal curtains are made of silk, and are created with the Kaga Yuzen dyeing technique. Throughout the eras, hanayome noren have expressed the wishes for a daughter who is getting married. Enjoy the beauty of this Japanese tradition passed down in this area.

You can also experience walking through a bridal curtain wearing a bride’s white kimono or an uchikake formal kimono. The museum also has crested kimono for men, so you can experience this as a couple! (An advance reservation is required. You should bring your own camera if you would like photos. The museum will help you dress, but you should do you own makeup.)
For more details about the price of the experience and reservations, please check the Hanayome Noren Museum website: http://hanayomenorenkan.jp/en/