Yama-dera Temple

Yama-dera Temple

Ponder the poetry of Matsuo Basho on the picturesque mountaintop

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Sanzan Line, Yamadera Station


About a 7 minutes’ walk from Yamadera Station on the Senzan Line

Opening hours

Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture


Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture

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Passion only understood by people who have climbed the mountain

Yama-dera TempleThe official name of Yama-dera Temple (which means “mountain temple”) is Hoju-san Risshaku-ji Temple. It was opened by Jikaku Daishii Ennin as a temple of the Buddhist Tendai sect via the imperial prayer of Emperor Seiwa in 860.

As you head towards the temple, you are greeted with a magnificent view of a towering cliff dotted with 30 temple buildings both large and small that seem to cling to the mountainside. It is said that Japan’s celebrated haiku poet Matsuo Basho visited Yama-dera, where he composed the famous haiku “Ah this silence / sinking into the rocks / the cicada’s cry.” If you climb the mountain and tour its many highlights, the gorgeous scenery spread out below will take your breath away.

Quietly gather your thoughts in a majestic temple

Yama-dera TempleThe Kaizan-do temple hall commemorating the temple founder Jikaku Daishii Ennin features a wooden statue enshrining him. The small red Nokyo-do on the left, where you can copy Buddhist sutras, is the oldest building on the mountain.

Enjoy local cuisine made with mountain vegetables

Yama-dera TempleThe path leading to the temple is made up of stone steps and it takes about one and a half hours for a roundtrip to the Godai-do Hall at the top of the complex. After walking, refresh yourself with a local specialty such as handmade soba noodles or tama-konnyaku konjac jelly along the road approaching the temple gate.