Butadon (Pork and Rice Bowl)

Butadon (Pork and Rice Bowl)

An Obihiro original! This local dish has long been loved by the local residents

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Butadon (Pork and Rice Bowl)Pork from Tokachi is sweetly delicious. Butadon comprises plenty of pork that has been grilled in a sweet and salty tare sauce atop rice. It is famous throughout Japan as a local dish beloved by the residents of Obihiro. This wonderful pork that famers have poured their dedication and ideas into is worth savoring, produced from pigs raised consuming plenty of potatoes and water from Japan’s most beautiful clear stream. These pigs were raised while being free to graze in the grandeur of nature.

It’s also recommended to eat it while walking around

Butadon (Pork and Rice Bowl)There are over 200 restaurants serving butadon in Obihiro City, from venerable restaurants with dozens of years of history to attention-garnering new places. It is the epitome of travel to find your favorite flavor while walking around and eating.