HIromw Market

Hirome Market

A market to easily enjoy Kochi’s food and culture

Closest station

Kochi Station, JR Dosan Line


From Kochi Station, JR Dosan Line, change onto the Tosaden Traffic streetcar, get off at the Ohashi Dori stop, and then walk 2 minutes.


Obiyacho 2-3-1, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture

Opening hours

9:00–23:00 (weekdays, Saturdays, national holidays) / 7:00–23:00 (Sundays)
*Opening hours may differ depending on the shop.


New Year holiday period, and approximately six days throughout the year

Great Stuff to See and Do!

An ever-expanding food stall village

HIromw MarketHirome Market is a popular destination in central Kochi, 2 minutes’ walk from Kochi Castle and next door to the Sunday Market that opens right beside Kochi Castle. Over 60 shops with different characteristics and specialties have gathered here, including restaurants where you can try Kochi local cuisine, fresh fish shops, and unique general stores, projecting the atmosphere of a food stall village.

Get to know the hearty food and customs with free seating

HIromw MarketAt the market, you can enjoy not only Kochi cuisine like hearty seared bonito and mackerel sushi, but also international cuisine such as Chinese and Indian food.
You can freely enjoy a meal at one of the many tables set throughout the market (around 400 seats in total). First, save some seats, and then buy whatever you want at any food stall. Bring it back to your seat and chow down! Enjoy the true pleasure of travel through conversations that naturally spring up with the people sitting at the table with you.