Oboke Ravine Pleasure Boat

photo by Yuta Murakami

Oboke Ravine Pleasure Boat

A ravine carved over about 200 million years

Closest station

JR Dosan Line, Oboke Station


A 30-minute walk from Oboke Station on the JR Dosan Line, a five-minute ride aboard the Shikoku Kotsu Bus (get off at the Oboke-kyo Bus Stop), or a five-minute ride by taxi


1520 Nishiu, Yamashiro Cho, Miyoshi City

Opening hours

9:00~17:00 (last departure is at around 16:30)


No closures

*However, service may be suspended without advance notice because of bad weather such as high water levels, strong winds, or storms



Children:540YEN (ages 3-12)

Groups (over 15 people) discounted price: Adults 980 yen, children 490 yen

Great Stuff to See and Do!

The scenery is a must-see in person, beyond the photos

Oboke Ravine Pleasure BoatThe Oboke Ravine was formed with the continuous erosion of the craggy mountains caused by the rapids of the Yoshino River. The famous scenic spot, where you can see the beauty of the valley where marble statues seem to tower above, has been designated as a natural monument of Tokushima Prefecture.

Refresh yourself while drifting along the river amidst the grandeur of nature

Oboke Ravine Pleasure BoatIf you go on the pleasure cruise, you can enjoy an up-close view of the sculptural beauty of the mesmerizing rocks in the steep V-shaped Oboke Ravine. The spring cherry blossoms and the autumn leaves add color to the surface of the clear water, allowing you to leisurely enjoy the ravine’s majestic beauty aboard the boat.