Food Stands

Food Stands

When you hear “Fukuoka,” food stands come to mind!

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The flavor and atmosphere of Fukuoka after sunset

Food StandsIn the Tenjin/Nakasu areas of Fukuoka, over 100 food stands are lined together. These stands can trace their roots to after the Second World War when stands started operating as mobile restaurants. Today, these food stands have become synonymous with Fukuoka.

You can enjoy the popular local cuisine of tonkotsu ramen, as well as oden, gyoza, yakitori, and more, paired together with sake or beer.

Getting to meet people adds to the fun

Food StandsEach stand is quite small, so it is important to share seats and not stay too long. Each stand prepares various dishes, so it is also a good idea to try multiple stands. One of the keys to enjoying the food stands is to engage in friendly conversation with the owner or the people next to you. If there is anything you do not understand, try asking the owner.
There are cases where a food stand will not open due to bad weather or the owner’s health, but you might get lucky and find another stand to your liking. Please enjoy the nightlife with Fukuoka’s unique food stands.