• Ohori Park

    Relax in a park known for its calming waterscape

  • Kushida Shrine

    Feel the passionate spirit of Hakata! A shrine with a dedicated traditional festival

  • Food Stands

    When you hear “Fukuoka,” food stands come to mind!

  • Aso Nakadake Crater

    The symbol of Kumamoto, the “Land of Fire”

  • Uchinomaki Onsen

    A hot-spring town that stands in the middle of one of the world’s largest calderas

  • Kusasenri

    Enjoy an open-air experience surrounded by the foothills of a great natural world.

  • Umisachi-Yamasachi

    A resort train that travels down Miyazaki Prefecture, the land of myth

  • Aoshima Shrine

    A mysterious shrine located on an island in the south of Miyazaki

  • Udo Jingu Shrine

    A well-known shrine popular with the locals

  • Obi Castle Town

    The “Little Kyoto in Kyushu”

  • Kurimeshi

    A bento sold at Hitoyoshi Station by an old-fashioned street vendor

  • Glover Garden

    Prized Western-style residences and gardens with an unbroken view of Nagasaki Port

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