Hida Beef

Hida Beef

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Hida beef cattle raised with great time and effort in splendid natural vistas

Hida BeefHida beef is characterized by its fine and soft quality of meat, beautiful marbling, and mellow aroma and flavor that melts in the mouth. Hida beef cattle are raised with loving care and great time and effort by seasoned farmers in Gifu Prefecture, a region admired for its scenic beauty. The cattle receive the rich blessings of nature such as vast land, pure water, clear air, seasonal temperature differences, and atmospheric temperature differences in the day and night.

The Japanese national wagyu competition called the Wagyu Olympics is held once every five years and brings together excellent wagyu cows from throughout the country to be judged on their quality. Since taking the top ranking in the competition in 2002, Hida beef cattle have become famous for the high quality of their meat.

High quality beef is amazing no matter how you eat it!

Hida BeefTo receive certification as “Hida Beef,” it is necessary to pass strict inspection criteria, such as that the longest husbandry period of the cattle took place in Gifu Prefecture, that it receives a rating from the cattle rating system implemented by the Japan Meat Grading Association, and more. Hida beef that clears these high standards is finely tender with mesh-like marbling and rich flavor that is perfect for sukiyaki and yakiniku. There are also restaurants where you can eat hoba-yaki, a traditional dish from Hida of beef cooked in hoba miso.