Enjoy an open-air experience surrounded by the foothills of a great natural world.

Closest Station

JR Hohi Main Line, Aso Station


Take a Sanko Bus on the Aso Kako route from JR Hohi Main Line, Aso Station, and get off at the bus stop in front of Kusasenri Aso Volcano Museum


Nagakusa, Aso City, Kumamoto

Great Stuff to See and Do!

The quintessential scenery of Aso

Kusasenri is what remains of a volcanic crater on the northern slope of Mount Eboshidake, one of the five peaks of Aso. It is a vast area, where the natural combination of 785,000 square meters of grasslands with ponds said to be formed of pooled rainwater create beautiful contrasts. You may also encounter idyllic scenes of grazing cattle and horses. You can enjoy the colors of the four seasons here, including vibrant green summers and fantastic, silver-dyed winters, making it perfect for exploring. It is frequented by many people throughout the year.
Its observation station, standing 1,100 m above sea level, allows you to enjoy all 360 degrees of Aso, making it a fantastic viewing point.

You can also experience horseback riding in the expansive grasslands.

KusasenriKusasenri boasts an ideal location, from which you can see the smoking Mount Nakadake. We recommend horseback riding here. Get on your horse, and you can see the scenery from a height that is more than twice your normal eyeline, allowing you to savor the magnificent sights of Aso all the more. As there are a variety of courses, everyone can enjoy this activity, from beginners to experienced riders.