Obi Castle Town

Obi Castle Town

The “Little Kyoto in Kyushu”

Closest station

JR Nichinan Line, Obi Station


Around 15 minutes’ walk from Obi Station


Obi, Nichinan City

Great Stuff to See and Do!

Enjoy a townscape reminiscent of the Edo period (1603–1868)

Obi Castle TownObi prospered as the castle town of Obi han (feudal domain) between 1588 and 1868. The gates, stone walls, and plaster walls of samurai residences still remain in this townscape, which was selected as a national Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings in 1977.

The area in and around the preservation district is packed with charms of Japan, including Obi Castle, the Yoshokan (the former residence of the lords of Obi), the Obi Castle History Museum, the Matsuo-no-Maru residence, the international exchange center Komura Memorial Hall, the former residence of Ito Denzaemon, the Shintokudo (the feudal domain school), the Merchant Museum, the former residence of Yamamoto Ihei, and the birthplace of Marquess Komura Jutaro.

We recommend trying the local gourmet food in different eateries

Obi Castle Townhere are a variety of stores in Obi Castle Town, including shops selling local gourmet food and traditional crafts. The town offers the Ayumichan-Map, a bargain as it comes with coupons for admission fees, food, and goods. This is an easy way to make the most of Obi Castle and the castle town! Savor thickly sliced egg, Obi tempura, and Japanese confections as you enjoy shopping and walking around the town.

*It is free to enter the Obi Castle Remains
*There is a fee to enter the historic facilities (the Yoshokan, the Matsuo-no-Maru residence, the Obi Castle History Museum, Komura Memorial Hall, the former residence of Yamamoto Ihei, and the Merchant Museum).