Nagoya Cuisine

Nagoya Cuisine

Aichi food culture: unique, impressive, and cannot be missed

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Savor the distinctive seasoning of Aichi, which becomes enhanced the longer it is stewed

Nagoya CuisineThe origin of Aichi’s deep-flavored cuisine is said to come from the brewing culture, with seasonings such as miso, soy sauce, and mirin. Among them, miso made from soybean is a seasoning unique to Aichi that becomes more delicious the longer it is stewed, unlike traditional miso. Some of the characteristic meals of Aichi, where stewing is common, are udon, miso oden, and miso katsu which all made using soybean miso.

Delectable combinations that came together in Aichi

Nagoya CuisineIn Aichi, a unique food culture that creates new flavors and ways of eating has been developed by pairing foods that are already delicious on their own, such as hitsumabushi, finely chopped eel that you can add spices and dashi to, or ogura toast, red bean paste spread on toast.
Please enjoy a trip to Nagoya to experience the deep-flavored Aichi cuisine, which differs from the traditional image of Japanese food.