Takayama Asaichi (Morning Markets)

One of the best morning markets in Japan, which offers visitors the chance to interact with locals

Closest station

Takayama Station, JR Takayama Main Line


・Miyagawa Morning Market: Around 11 minutes’ walk from Takayama Station, JR Takayama Main Line.

・Jinyamae Morning Market: Around 8 minutes’ walk from Takayama Station, JR Takayama Main Line.


・Miyagawa Morning Market: Shimosannomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu

・Jinyamae Morning Market: 1-5 Hachikenmachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu

Opening hours

・Miyagawa Morning Market: 7:00–12:00 (April to November) / 8:00–12:00 (December to March)

・Jinyamae Morning Market: 6:00–12:00 (April to December) / 7:00–12:00 (January to March)

Dates closed

Open year round

Great Stuff to See and Do!

Enjoy visiting the Miyagawa Morning Market and the Jinyamae Morning Market

Takayama is home to one of the three largest morning markets in Japan. Held at two nearby locations, the markets are a bustling tourist attraction from the early hours of the morning. Vendors line the streets selling a variety of goods from Hida Takayama, including fresh vegetables, fruits, processed foods, and traditional crafts that make excellent souvenirs. Visitors can enjoy shopping while chatting with store owners about how to eat and preserve the foods sold there and learn more about the area’s traditional crafts.

There are two locations: the Miyagawa Morning Market, where vendors line up along the Miyagawa River; and the Jinyamae Morning Market, set up in front of the historic Takayama Jinya building. They are only around 15 minutes’ walk from each other, so it’s easy to visit both.

Why not buy some unique goods from the Takayama Morning Markets


The Takayama Morning Markets are famous for delicious handmade pickles made from locally grown vegetables. Each shop has its own style, so ask the sellers about their specialty and give it a try.

Be sure to check out the sarubobo, a traditional craft from Hida Takayama. In the Hida dialect, sarubobo means “baby monkey.” These cute dolls are crafted primarily with red cloth and are made to wish for the safe birth and good health of children. There are many variations of colors and decorations, so you are certain to find one you like.

When staying overnight in Takayama, be sure to visit these markets to enjoy shopping in the fresh morning air while interacting with lots of new people!