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The highlights of the Hokkaido area are its splendid nature and clear skies. Summer in particular offers the chance to encounter the stirring scenery of all-encompassing purple lavender fields that spread before you like a carpet. In addition, if you ride the Torokko train “Norokko” that travels through the Kushiro Marsh only between summer and fall, you can have an exciting experience with nature. And eating Hokkaido gourmet cuisine frequently in a delicious atmosphere will put you in a great mood!


  • Furano-Biei

    The highlights of Furano in Hokkaido are the lavender fields that reach peak bloom in summer. It is recommended to eat sweets in the café while taking in the light purple-hued panoramic views of the lavender.

  • Sapporo

    Sapporo, Hokkaido’s capital and largest city – In the midst of your highlight-filled trip, Odori Park will rejuvenate you. We also recommend taking in the history of beer at the Sapporo Beer Museum where the building itself exudes a sense of days gone by. For a convenient place to spend the night, try Jozankei Hot Springs.

  • Tokachi

    The southeast part of Hokkaido Prefecture centered on Obihiro City is known as Tokachi, and is the location of expansive splendid nature. The true joys of Hokkaido are waiting for you, including the scenery of Lake Shikaribetsu that you can enjoy in each season as well as the globally unique Ban’ei horse racing, which originated with horses that worked on farms.

  • Asahikawa

    Asahikawa is a city located in central Hokkaido that once recorded Japan’s lowest temperature ever at 41 degrees below freezing. It has many rivers and expansive, abundant nature. The Asahikawa Zoo is a must-visit hot spot. Asahikawa is also famous for its sake brewing, including Otokoyama sake.

  • Kushiro

    The highlights of Kushiro in Hokkaido are the superb views of Kushiro Marsh, the largest marsh in Japan, Kawayu Onsen where you can enjoy a free-flowing hot spring, local seafood gourmet cuisine savored at markets, and many other attractions.

  • Hakodate

    The top highlight of Hakodate in Hokkaido is Mt. Hakodate. You can see fantastic scenery and superb night views. It is recommended to savor Ikameshi, the popular ekiben featuring squid over rice, and fresh seafood.

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