The trains of JR Tokai primarily run through the Chubu and Tokai areas. If you ride the “Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen” that connects Tokyo and Hakata with stops in Kyoto and Osaka, you can efficiently tour many of Japan’s highlights.


  • Ltd. Exp. Nanki

    Nagoya Station ⇔ Kii-Katsuura Station

    The first hybrid-engine express train in Japan to achieve top speeds. Convenient for accessing the World Heritage Kumano Kodo!

  • Ltd. Exp. HIDA

    Osaka Station/Nagoya Station ⇔ Takayama Station/Hida Furukawa Station/Toyama Station

    A hybrid-engine express train running at top speeds along a route of unique attractions

  • Ltd. Exp. Shinano

    Enjoy the original scenery of Japan from the Wide View’s cabin windows

  • Nozomi N700S

    Tokyo Station ⇔ Hakata Station

    The best version of the Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen

  • The Iida Line Unexplored Station Train

    Toyohashi Station ⇔ Iida Station

    Explored the unexplored on a unique railroad

  • Rapid Mie

    Nagoya Station ⇔ Toba Station (Via the Ise Railway)

    The best train for Ise-Jingu Shrine

  • Nozomi(N700A)

    Tokyo Station ⇔ Hakata Station

    Nozomi train cars with greater safety and comfort

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