The Iida Line Unexplored Station Train

The Iida Line Unexplored Station Train

Explored the unexplored on a unique railroad

Main route

Toyohashi Station – Iida Station

Route map
route map : The Iida Line Unexplored Station Train
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The Story Behind The Train

Take a little journey by changing from the shinkansen to the local line

The Iida Line Unexplored Station Train is a sightseeing train that allows you to visit all at once many of the hikyo eki, or secluded stations, with a remote atmosphere that are hard to reach without using the train. It connects Toyohashi Station in Aichi Prefecture and Iida Station in Nagano Prefecture. Toyohashi Station is also a stop on the “Tokaido Shinkansen: Kodama” line.

The scenery from the train windows is full of excitement

On the Iida Line Unexplored Station Train that runs along the Iida Line, you can enjoy the scenery along the Tenryu-gawa River. The train runs at a slower speed at viewpoints with picturesque scenery.

Spring is stunning for its flowers, such as cherry blossoms, while fall has beautiful foliage. There are also stations that offer warm hospitality from local people, sales of local products, and more. Please enjoy Japanese serenity wholly different from the busy cities by taking this train.

Please note that the train is only operated during the sightseeing seasons of spring and fall.

Winner of the Cool Japan Award 2019

Cool Japan Award 2019The Cool Japan Award is a system designed to uncover cool products and services, as determined by international judges from an objective and global perspective, and certify them as “Cool Japan.”

The Iida Line Unexplored Station Train is a train line that stops silently at secluded stations, almost like something out of a movie. It was commended for being an intriguing service that provides passengers the experience of being immersed in Japan, and for offering a unique train journey that is also welcomed by the local residents.

Come experience “Cool Japan” for yourself!