photo by Hirokazu Nagane


The trains of JR Kyushu run through the Kyushu area. Please ride the many trains that have carefully-created interior and exterior designs. The Sanyo Shinkansen and local trains connect the islands of Kyushu and Honshu.


  • 36+3 (Sanjyu-Roku plus San)

    Hakata Station ⇔ Kagoshima Chuo Station and beyond

    A new, exceptional train packed with the charms of Kyushu

  • Aso Boy!

    Kumamoto Station ⇔ Oita Station, Beppu Station

    A train for parents and their children, full of fun activities

  • Umisachi-Yamasachi

    Miyazaki Station ⇔ Nango Station

    A resort train that travels down Miyazaki Prefecture, the land of myth

  • Limited Express Ibusuki no Tamatebako

    Kagoshima-Chuo Station ⇔ Ibusuki Station

    Take a scenic journey aboard the Tamatebako!

  • Yufuin no Mori

    Hakata Station ⇔ Beppu Station

    A resort-like train with a modern wooden interior

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