Ise-Jingu Shrine


Central Japan

The highlights of the Tokai area can be accessed via Japan’s splendid Shinkansen. Kyoto, with its countless temples and shrines with uniquely Japanese elegance, offers a classic Japanese experience. The World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go is also a must-see, accessible by transferring to the limited express train from Nagoya. You can see seasonal changes to the appearance of the traditional gassho-zukuri buildings. Hida Beef, an exemplary form of wagyu beef, is also recommended. The scenery you can see from the train window such as Mount Fuji is also beautiful, so please enjoy a journey on the Shinkansen or a limited express train.


  • Toyohashi

    Toyohashi in Aichi Prefecture is a highly accessible city as it is located midway between Tokyo and Osaka and is a stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen. It has traditional culture that has been continuously passed down, including Tezutsu Hanabi (handheld fireworks) with over 450 years of history.

  • Ise-Toba

    In the Ise-Toba area where Ise-jingu Shrine is located, much of the old streets, history, and culture still remains. The area is also full of other highlights for your trip, such as an aquarium with Japan’s top breeding program of diverse species.

  • Hida-Takayama

    The World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go is located near Hida-Takayama. Although the snowy landscape in winter is strikingly moving, you can see beautiful scenery no matter which season you travel here in. It is recommended to enjoy the local gourmet cuisine and a walk around the town.

  • Kyoto

    You can enjoy elegant scenery and Japanese gourmet cuisine throughout the four seasons in Kyoto, which is accessible by Shinkansen. The arts of Japan, exemplified by its temples and shrines, will transport you to a new world.

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