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The highlights of the Kyushu area are the onsen hot springs and the many buildings in Nagasaki with western architecture. These buildings, the remnants of the area that was the first to modernize through adopting elements of western civilization, will remain in your heart with a nostalgic feeling. In addition, Kyushu, with its many volcanos, is Japan’s best onsen area. You can enjoy diverse varieties of onsen in different areas. Please leisurely enjoy Kyushu through a ride on a steam train or a sightseeing train that will in itself become a precious experience.


  • Yufuin

    Yufuin is an onsen area in Kyushu, and one of its appeals is its abundant hot water flowing from the source. You can visit Yufuin on the sightseeing train built to convey the area’s charms. It is also recommended to walk around the streets while snacking on local specialties and shopping.

  • Hitoyoshi

    Take a ride on a nostalgic steam locomotive in Kumamoto in Kyushu! Hop aboard the “SL Hitoyoshi,” eat an ekiben lunchbox, and seek out onsen and unexplored areas to enjoy a lovely Japanese journey to the fullest. This wonderful time will leave memories that last a lifetime.

  • Nagasaki

    In Nagasaki, home of World Heritage sites, you can enjoy history-filled, traditional sights, including Japan’s Christian cultural heritage and precious western-style architecture. Its night view, selected as one of the “world’s new top three night views,” is a must-see.

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