Aso Nakadake Crater


The Aso area is located in the northeast of Kumamoto Prefecture. It boasts a stunningly beautiful caldera, one of the greatest in the world, within which stands the still-smoking Mount Nakadake. Immerse yourself in the power of its magnificent natural world. An abundance of hot springs, including Uchinomaki Onsen, also charms travelers.


  • Aso Boy!

    A train for parents and their children, full of fun activities

  • Aso Nakadake Crater

    The symbol of Kumamoto, the “Land of Fire”

  • Uchinomaki Onsen

    A hot-spring town that stands in the middle of one of the world’s largest calderas

  • Kusasenri

    Enjoy an open-air experience surrounded by the foothills of a great natural world.

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